Santa Maria Novella

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA L’IRIS Officina Eau De Parfum 50ml 1.7oz


New in box, box has been opened but perfume is unused

50ml / 1.7oz

L’Iris the Officina’s very first Eau de Parfum, which debuted in spring 2022, earns its due place in the “I Giardini Medicei” collection. L'Iris reinterprets the history of Florence, celebrating its many and multifaceted connections with the flower that stands as its symbol still today. At the base of the olfactory construction lies the iris butter, extracted from the flower’s rhizomes: the most precious raw material of poudrè ingredients, it needs 6 years of maturation. The iris flower connects many cultures and it has been a potent symbol of protection since ancient Greece.

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