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Intimissi / Calzedonia Bulk Bundle Mixed *FLAWED* SOLD AS IS * FINAL SALE *


A mix of Intimissi and Calzedonia items, most with tags attched

Assortment of flaws range from small pen mark or dirt smudge, missing detachable bra strap, stain/needs cleaning, small hole, seam unraveling or open, etc. 

Sold AS IS and FINAL SALE, no exchanges or returns will be accepted

Prices include shipping

Most items *should* be repairable, useable, washable, etc.

Marks/stains can be present on gusset or inside bra cups

Items that can be included range: tops, bras, panties, teddies, bodysuits, dresses, silk, cotton, pants, swimsuits, bikinis etc. Assortment is random.

Choose a size mix or a preferred size. Boxes with "preferred size" will incuse as many items in that app size or close to that size as possible, however will likely include other sizes.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Retail value of each item varies widely, from $10-$138, no specific prices or items, box is made randomly with items available

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