Fly By Night

FKA X Fly By Night


We have teamed up with Fly by Night to use the leftover pieces of FKA dresses to make one-of-a-kind custom matching crowns!


Classic: This is the smallest size
Midi: A medium-sized crown
Giant: The largest size crown 


Add on a crown, or two, or three to your FKA dress order. Your crown(s) will be made from the scraps from YOUR dress so it will match perfectly!

If you order more than one matching crown it will use different scraps so you have a variety of options

Crown à la carte: not ordering a dress but want a crown made from the scraps? we can do that! 

3 Crown Bundle: Get a classic, midi, and giant crown for a discount!

Crowns will be delivered with your dress orders, please check order details.


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