Calendar Accountability Experiment


If you’re here it’s likely because you saw my post on Instagram about joining my Google Calendar experiment.

If you haven’t seen the post it’s HERE.


  1. Right now this is for fun!

  2. I will post things like “Check in with your weekly goals and post on Instagram about why you have or have not hit them” or “I found a new book about finances you should check out”

  3. Some posts might have Affiliate links or link to a youtube video or to my closet

  4. The main goal here is to get you motivated and remind you of things each week you can be doing to grow your poshmark/resale business and social media pages.

  5. IF I do this long term I may charge to be a part of the calendar but will let you know well in advance.

  6. You can opt out at any time and remove yourself from the calendar

  7. You control your calendar settings and if your notifications show up or ding via your phone and settings

  8. You can not join again without filling out the form below again

  9. I may limit the number of members, I also reserve the right to add/remove members as I see fit.

  10. I may ask for moderators / for help from the community.

What I expect from members:

  • Interaction, I would like to see people taking part in challenges, posting on social media, liking and commenting on each others photos etc

  • Support, showing support for each other IRL and online

  • Go with the flow attitude, there will be lots of changes and ideas happening and I may change and update the calendar at any time

  • Do not share the contents of the calendar before I do on Social Media, for example if I am recommending a book, please do not then create a link and recommend the book on social before I have. This is just out of respect for me and the things I am sharing with you BEFORE I share with social.

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